St. Germains Estate Olive Grove is located near Shepparton, in the heart of Victoria’s “fruit bowl”. Established in 2001, the grove was meticulously planned using ancient Palestinian methods passed from father to son for millennia back to time immemorial when ancient prophets roamed Palestine.

St Germains Estate comprises a unique mix of Italian and Spanish varieties. A relatively small grove of only 3650 trees, the oil produced is distinctively smooth, aromatic and flavoursome.

St Germains Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil captures the taste of sun-kissed olives in a rich green-gold fruity liquid that will tempt you to partake in that time-honoured tradition of sharing bread dipped in oil to savour and delight in the nectar of the gods.

Our oil is cold pressed, and contains antioxidants.

Jenny from Oliv in Hawthorn describes it as:

“A fresh, full bodied, herbaceous oil with a rich aroma of fresh grass, ripe banana, tomato and tropical fruit. It is smooth on the palate with tantalizing pepper that builds and softens. A delicious well balanced medium style oil suited to most culinary uses. It is superb tossed through a simple green salad or drizzled liberally over home-made pasta”.

Why we believe our oil is the best:

  • Our oil is Australian Extra Virgin Certified
  • Our Olives are grown on our farm in Shepparton just north of Melbourne
  • Our Farm is Australian owned, this means you are offering a product that is Australian owned and grown
  • The olives are harvested early which means we produce a smaller amount of very high quality oil
  • Our oil is produced the old fashioned way, harvested and immediately cold pressed – giving it the most incredible taste and ensuring a longer shelf life
  • Free from preservatives
  • So good you can drink it – people often do – they just won’t be able to get enough of it
  • Only made available through boutique outlets
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